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At Behrend Law Group, we represent individuals, families, communities, and small businesses. We are trial lawyers with a passion for justice with over 30 years of trial experience. Our team of highly experienced trial attorneys have successfully taken on big corporations, insurance companies, school districts/boards, and the government to win verdicts, settlements, and justice for our clients. Having won millions in settlements and verdicts, argued over 50 successful appellate decisions, our team recently won three emergency temporary injunctions in Federal Court and the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals against school boards. These injunctions protect the safety and rights of medically fragile, immuno-compromised, and disabled children under the ADA.  Other lawyers hire us to assist in trials and appellate arguments because of our experience and expertise in complex, difficult litigation and success in appellate court arguments or when they are up against a powerful defendant.  If  you are hurt or suffering, believe you have been wrongfully deceived and cheated, or your rights and safety as a disabled or medically fragile individual have been violated - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

We expect to win every case we accept!

Kenneth R. Behrend

Founder and lead counsel of Behrend Law Group, LLC

"All it takes for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing!" 

- Edmund Burke-